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About us

Coabesta is branch brand under Padre as part of it's rechargeable lithium battery business,including Li-ion battery and Lipo battery products. Coabesta battery biggest advantages compared to others are: 1-High energy density. The Li-ion battery and lipo battery capacity can be one of several tops in China,for example,the 18650 can be 3000mAh,26650 can be as high as 5000mAh, Coabesta high capacity type lipo battery cells can be 15%~30% higher than normal types. 2-Wide range of options and flexible OEM custom battery solution design. With more than 8 basic cylindrical li-ion battery cells and over 3000 lipo cells, clients can get most of what they need,both cells and custom battery packs for different applications.

Coabesta battery mainly covers below series products and services:.....

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