1800, Alessandro Volta developed world first battery.
1802, Dr. William Cruikshank designed the first commercial battery suitable for production.
1836, John Daniell improved the battery stability of discharge performance.
1859, Gaston Planté developed first rechargeable lead acid battery.
1868,George Leclanché developed first battery with electrolyte.
1881, J. A. Thiebaut declaimed first dray battery patent.
1888,  Dr. Gassner developed the first dry battery.
1890, Thomas Edison developed first Fe-Ni material rechargeable battery.
1896, Dry battery began mass production in USA.
1896, D type battery is developed.
1899, Waldmar Jungner created NiCa battery.
1910, Rechargeable Nickel iron battery was put into commercial production.
1914, Thomas Edison created alkaline battery.
1934, Schlecht and Akermann developed Nickel iron battery heating tabs.
1947, Neumann developed sealed NiCa battery(Nickel Cadmium battery).
1949, Lew Urry (Energizer) developed small size alkaline battery.
1954, Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin developed world first solar battery.
1956, Energizer.created world first 9V battery.
1960, Union Carbide put the alkaline into commercial production.
1970, maintain-free lead acid battery was created.
1970, Primary battery went into commercial mass production.
1976, Scientist from Philips Research developed first NiMH battery(Nickel Metal Hydride battery) .
1980, developed stable metal material for NiMH battery.
1983, China started research on NiMH battery(Nankai University)
1987, China increased the NiMH battery capacity by 40% after improving the manufacturing technology with foam Ni.
1990, Prismatic battery was created.
1990, NiMH battery went into commercial production.
1991, Sony commercialized lithium ion battery.
1992, Karl Kordesch, Josef Gsellmann and Klaus Tomantschger got patents for rechargeable alkaline battery.
1992, Battery Technologies, Inc started production for rechargeable alkaline battery
1999, Rechargeable LiPo battery/Lithium polymer battery began commercial mass production.
2000, China began the commercial production for lithium ion battery.
2000, Fuel cell battery and solar battery become hot topics on energy industry.
2000,ALTAIR NANO mass produced Lithium titanate battery
2001 LiFePO4 battery was developed and put into production