Lipo battery production process.

Regarding the production process of lithium polymer batteries, each lipo battery manufacturer is different, but most of them have these key steps:

Specifically as follows: material preparation – stirring – coating – rolling – slitting – baking – winding -shelling – laser welding – baking – injection – pre-filling – Sealing – Cleaning – Aging – Full inspection -Storage – Shipping 

LiPo battery cell manufacturing process

LiPo battery cell manufacturing process

It mainly includes three sections.

The production process of lithium battery is divided into three major sections, one is the production of pole
pieces, the other is the production of batteries, and the third is battery assembly. In the lithium battery
production process, the pole piece production is the foundation, the battery core production is the core, and the
battery assembly is related to the quality of the lithium battery product. The specific steps of the lithium
battery production process include positive electrode drawing, negative electrode drawing, positive electrode
sheet, negative electrode sheet, steel shell assembly, liquid injection and testing, and packaging.

As we all know, the production process of lithium battery is quite complicated. After all, the safety performance
of lithium-ion battery products is directly related to the life and health of consumers. In the production of
natural lithium batteries, there are high requirements for the performance, accuracy, stability and automation
level of equipment. . Taking the preparation of the electrode slurry in the production process of the lithium
battery as an example, the most front-end link of this link is also the most important part of the whole production
process. After all, the influence of the electrode slurry mixing and dispersion process on the quality of the
product is greater than 30. %. What is the reason?

The reason is that the preparation of the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery includes a series
of processes such as mixing, dissolving and dispersing liquid and liquid, liquid and solid materials, and is
accompanied by changes in temperature, viscosity, environment and the like. In the positive and negative slurry,
the dispersibility and uniformity of the granular active material directly affect the movement of lithium ions
between the two electrodes of the battery, so the dispersion quality of the electrode slurry directly affects the
product performance of the lithium battery.

Each step is vital important.

It can be seen that the production process of lithium battery production process is closely related to product
quality and safety. Every step of lithium battery production process must be strictly and carefully managed, so as
to improve the safety performance of lithium battery products.